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Conversation with a Beaver
And Other Journeys into Nature

Judith K. Berg

Publisher: Ulyssian Publications
ISBN-10: 1930580975
ISBN-13: 9781930580978
Hardcover Book  208 pages  6" x 9"


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A voice emerges from the beaver. "Will you really tell the story of my family and my species?" The author responds emphatically: "Yes, I will." Transition into the beaver's world and listen to the animal's words to understand its role and contribution.

Judith K. Berg Journey into the Natural World through fact-based imagination as you talk and travel with Mother Nature’s beaver. Follow the seasonal journey of a beaver family residing in the high Colorado Rocky Mountains to learn about the biology, habitat, and behavior of this hard-working, family-oriented mammal. Listen to the animal’s words to understand its role and contributions within the web of life. Whether it is rain-drenched locales or drought-stricken areas, the beaver has become nature’s engineer that has helped solve many ecosystem problems. Then venture through Willow Creek and on Fern Ridge Lake to view Oregon’s mammals, birds, fish, butterflies, and native plants. Discover the fauna and flora residing in wetland, riparian, and wet-prairie ecosystems of the lower-altitude southern Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest. Then reflect on why our Natural World must be respected, protected, and preserved. Hardcover. Extensive bibliographies. Over 80 full color photographs.

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